Generic Pharmaceuticals – Top Picks

Market Realist has compiled a list of our top research on the generic pharma space. The research pieces compiled below provide a comprehensive overview of the industry and explain some of the drivers behind the industry’s growth.



Generic Pharma Primer

What is generic pharma? Why is the market for it growing? What drives valuation? Read our comprehensive overview of the generic pharma industry for more.



Rx for Growth? Why Generic Drugs Are Gaining Traction

A growing global population and an aging target demographic will likely drive continued demand for pharmaceuticals. Additionally, intensifying efforts to lower healthcare costs are expected to further buoy the generics industry.



Expert Q&A: What to Know Before Investing in Generic Pharma?

Experts from Van Eck answer questions about the generic pharma industry, a space that has attracted investor interest due to upside potential from brand name drugs coming off patent, cost saving pressure in the healthcare industry, and increased worldwide demand for prescription drugs.



Why India’s Generic Drug Growth Means a Big Opportunity

Over the years, India has become a leading pharmaceutical producer, with a fast growing generics and biosimilar market. India currently ranks fourth in the world among the highest generic pharmaceuticals producers and contributes 20% of global generic drug exports.



Video: Introduction to Generics and Biosimilars

Experts from Van Eck give an overview on biosimilars and generic pharma.





Generics Keep Lowering Healthcare Costs: Opportunity Ahead?

Our population is aging and more people than ever are taking prescription drugs, contributing to the rising costs of health care. Consumers, insurance companies, and governments are all helping to fuel the growth of the generic drug industry by demanding lower-cost alternatives to brand name pharmaceuticals.


Drug Patent Expirations: $190 Billion Is Up for Grabs

Traditionally pharmaceutical companies undergo an expensive and time consuming process to develop new drugs. It often entails many years and millions of dollars in research and development, as well as an arduous approval process by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).



Biosimilars: Why You Can Expect Opportunity Ahead

Generic drug manufacturers have recently moved into more complex products. One example is biosimilars, generic copies of molecularly complex biologic drugs. Biosimilars are beginning to take a foothold in the U.S. Importantly, they are much more difficult to replicate, than regular generics, which equates to high barriers to entry.


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