What to Expect from Kohl’s in the First Quarter

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What to Expect from Kohl’s in the First Quarter PART 4 OF 5

What Analysts Recommend for Kohl’s ahead of First-Quarter Results

Rating synopsis

Most analysts providing recommendations for Kohl’s (KSS) have maintained a “hold” rating on the stock. 19 analysts were covering the stock as of May 14. About 32% of these analysts have recommended a “buy,” 63% have recommended a “hold,” and 5% have recommended a “sell.”

What Analysts Recommend for Kohl&#8217;s ahead of First-Quarter Results

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In the past 30 days, just one analyst has revised the target price for the stock. On May 11, Credit Suisse downgraded the stock to “neutral” from an “outperform” rating and slashed the target price to $64 from the $72 projected earlier. According to CNBC, Credit Suisse analyst Michael Binetti said that 2018 saw a cooler start to spring than in the last two years, which could negatively impact sales of early spring apparel merchandise. He added that Kohl’s sales were more sensitive to weather changes compared with other department stores and could, therefore, miss sales expectations.

Analysts expect the company to report sales growth of 2.8% to $4.0 billion and adjusted EPS growth of 28.2% to $0.50. In the first quarter, Kohl’s expects to report EPS in the range of $0.45–$0.50 as against the $0.39 it reported in the corresponding quarter last year. Like other traditional retailers, Kohl’s is investing in its online channel and leveraging stores to better meet consumer demand as e-commerce continues to gain traction. Currently, analysts’ 12-month average target price for Kohl’s stock is $69.35, which reflects a 13.4% upside to the stock as of May 14, 2018.

Peer ratings

Of the 18 analysts covering Macy’s (M), 61% have provided “hold” ratings, while 22% have provided “buy” ratings on the stock. Currently, analysts’ target price for Macy’s is $29.79, reflecting a 0.5% upside to its stock as of May 14.

For JCPenney (JCP), ~84.0% of the 19 analysts covering the stock have provided “hold” ratings, while just 5% have rated it as a “buy.” JCPenney’s mean target price is $3.88, which indicates a 38.1% upside to its share price as of May 14.

Of the 22 analysts covering Nordstrom (JWN) stock, 77% have provided a “hold” rating, while 14% have rated it as a “buy.” Nordstrom’s mean target price is $51.19, which indicates a 3.8% upside to its stock price as of May 14.


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