What to Expect for T-Mobile's 1Q18 Earnings

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What to Expect for T-Mobile's 1Q18 Earnings PART 1 OF 10

What Analysts Expect for T-Mobile’s 1Q18 Earnings

T-Mobile’s earnings in 1Q18

T-Mobile (TMUS) is set to report its 1Q18 results on April 23, 2018. In this series, we’ll look at expectations for the company’s performance during the quarter. Wall Street analysts expect the company’s EPS (earnings per share) to fall, to $0.71 from $0.80 in 1Q17.

In 4Q17, T-Mobile’s adjusted EPS grew ~35.6% YoY (year-over-year) to $0.61, excluding tax benefits. The company’s earnings were ~64.9% higher than what analysts had anticipated. During 4Q17, T-Mobile’s operations in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico experienced losses related to hurricanes, which are estimated to have affected its EPS by $0.05 per share.

What Analysts Expect for T-Mobile&#8217;s 1Q18 Earnings

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T-Mobile’s estimated versus actual earnings

Let’s compare T-Mobile’s performance with analysts’ estimates over the past few quarters. As shown in the above chart, analysts’ estimates for the company’s earnings have been conservative.

T-Mobile had a much better 4Q17 than major competitors. Verizon (VZ) posted adjusted EPS of $0.86, flat YoY, and AT&T’s (T) adjusted EPS rose ~18.2% YoY to $0.78. Meanwhile, Sprint’s (S) pro forma EPS improved from -$0.12 in fiscal 3Q16 to -$0.02 in fiscal 3Q17 (ended December 2017). In the next part, we’ll look at how much revenue growth we can expect from T-Mobile in 1Q18.

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