How Did US Markets Perform on February 13?

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Part 2
How Did US Markets Perform on February 13? PART 2 OF 5

Under Armour: S&P 500’s Top Gainer on February 13

Top gainers

The S&P 500’s top gainers on February 13 were:

  • Under Armour (UAA) rose 17.4%.
  • Under Armour Inc Class C (UA) rose 16.0%.
  • AmerisourceBergen (ABC) rose 9.3%.
  • TripAdvisor (TRIP) rose 5.8%.
  • Kroger (KR) rose 3.4%.

Under Armour: S&#038;P 500&#8217;s Top Gainer on February 13

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Under Armour

Under Armour, which is an American company that manufactures footwear, sports, and casual apparel, was the S&P 500’s top performer on Tuesday. After pulling back in January and starting February on a weaker note, Under Armour started to recover last week. Carrying forward the strength, Under Armour started this week on a stronger note and rose to 3.5-month high price levels on February 13.

The buying pressure in Under Armour skyrocketed on Tuesday following the release of its 4Q17 and fiscal 2017 earnings report. According to management, the sales in the fourth quarter were $1.37 billion—5% growth year-over-year. The sales were higher than analysts’ sales forecast of $1.33 billion. The net loss in 4Q17 was $88 million, which includes one-time charges for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Excluding expenses and nonrecurring expenses related to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Under Armour reported an adjusted net loss of $1 million, which is in line with analysts’ net loss forecast in 4Q17.

On February 13, Under Armour gained 17.4% and closed the day at $16.70. Under Armour is part of the S&P 500 Consumer Discretionary sector, which gained 0.51% on Tuesday.

Next, we’ll discuss how AmerisourceBergen (ABC) and TripAdvisor (TRIP) performed on February 13.


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